How It Works

You’ll get a direct consultative approach from industry experts with a combined 75+ years of promotional marketing expertise.  Everything we do is backed by our single promise, if we haven’t exceeded your expectations, we’ll get it right, until we have.  


We are a creative promotional marketing company that focuses on your brand marketing objectives.

If your goal is to grow your brand, drive sales, reward achievement, or recognize client loyalty, we’ll help you achieve that.  We are a distributor of promotional products and branded apparel, under the powerful corporate umbrella of Proforma Worldwide, a $500m industry leader since 1978.

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What We Do

We will leverage our large scale wholesale buying power to get the best price on the right mix of branded and customized promotional products for your marketing project, conference, fund raiser, or special event.  With over a 1,000 direct suppliers under contract, we have access to countless options to ensure you get what you need, and avoid what you don’t want.

Your Logo…on Anything

We have offices in Washington DC, York, PA, and Orlando, FL.  With our worldwide corporate support partner, Proforma in Cleveland, OH.  

Contact us today, one call, or one email, is all it takes to get started, and we’ll manage all the details!

What We Offer

Our experts in graphic design, screen printing, and embroidery, will ensure that your project is custom tailored to convey your brand, your message, or your logo.